The Journey : Hamster Rider
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Some colour options. Some just didn't work at all for me. Did away with dark zone on hamster in final.

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I still love the second sketch in the top row, as it has so much energy. Next time I'll try and keep the energy all the way to the end....

The Journey : Hamster Rider

Not too sure where these guys are going, but it doesn't matter, they have a plan, they're having fun and that's enough for me. It was fun creating this, quite a journey, lots of forward and backward moments. The main lesson I learnt in this piece is that if I become too technical with a piece, it tends to become "flat" and lose the original energy that was in the initial sketch. Moral of the story: Stay quick, stay loose, work broad (don't zoom in to details for as long as possible). Hope you like the way it turned out. Onwards and upwards!

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