Stephen Kulp is a professional Character Designer & Concept Artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. He creates high-quality artwork for various media including Animation, Film, TV Commercials, Games and Print.

Stephen specializes in Character Design. He mainly works as a digital artist and his software packages of choice are Clip Studio Paint, Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop.

Stephen is proficient in a wide variety of styles. He is able to quickly adapt to the particular style requirements of a given project. Stephen is also known to pay particular attention to detail, and takes great pride in delivering the best quality artwork possible.

Stephen has strong beliefs in ethical and honest business relations and puts his faith in Jesus Christ as head and motivation of these values. Stephen always strives to put quality and reliability at the forefront of his artistic service.

Please feel free to follow Stephen Kulp via the social media links below for his latest artworks, updates, shares and recommendations. For more information or any questions regarding his services, feel free to leave a message via the “Contact” tab above.